Saturday, June 25, 2005

Veteran: Replace Liberal Troops With College Republicans

From the mailbag:

Every military veteran who is not and does not vote Republican ought to be seriously insulted by Mr. Rove's public foolishness this past week.

In no sense does this particular chicken hawk have any history of having been anywhere near war and done anything about it to pretend that his version of
reality has any credibility - let alone any justification for wearing his litte flag on his big lapel.

But, in the spirit of my dog Jake, who knows not to chase the crows when they're trying to distract him from his doggie treats, I'm not going to go too far down the road of distraction about lies and blowhard smoke.

My wife said it best this morning : Rove, a charter member of what Jesus' General describes as Yellow Republicans, should immediately start campaigning to have all democrat/liberal troops who are presumably "unreliable" replaced with Republican/conservative soldiers. An excellent starting place would be the current College Republicans convention.

VietNam-Era Vet (enlisted - not drafted - no higher
priorities Mr. Cheney!)
Liberal Democrat
Outraged Patriot
Bane of Chicken Hawks


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